Bella Beauty College, an innovative leader in cosmetology education, has an administrative staff with decades of expertise that has helped thousands of people start new and exciting careers as cosmetologists.


The Bella Beauty Program brings a new level of excellence to the study and application of beauty treatment; our logical approach to beauty education provides you with hands-on training that prepares you for a successful career in cosmetology. With Bella’s in-depth approach you will develop virtually unlimited career potential; contact us today for more information about your new and exciting career in cosmetology.

Career Possibilities

      • Cosmetology

      • Nail Care/Manicuring

      • Skin Care/Esthetician

      • Permanent Make-up

      • Beauty Salon Manager

      • Beauty Salon Owner

      • Media Stylist & Make-up Artist

      • Fashion, Beauty, & Color Consultant

      • Total Beauty Image Consultant

      • Beauty Instructor & Director      

      • Magazine Fashion-Model Stylist



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