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Bella Beauty College, one of the best beauty schools in the North Austin area recently added Hair Extensions to their service offerings to salon clients. Along with offering extension choices for customers in North Austin, they have also created a course to teach students the finer skills required for excellent extensions.  “Hair extensions have been around for years, but the quality in the product has improved dramatically in the last few years,” said Linda Colwell, CEO of Bella Beauty College. “As they grow in popularity, we have incorporated them into our services and the training to do them well.”

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Customer demand for hair extensions as a service continues to increase in the North Austin salon as women of all ages and ethnicities look for a more dramatic way to alter their existing hairstyle. Low volume hair has always been a problem among women and the chemicals in the products used today may lead to further hair loss. The hair extensions offered in the North Austin salon add length and volume to hair through the addition either synthetic or real hair. Hair extensions are the perfect way for someone with short hair to add length or someone with thin hair to add volume. For many clients, this beauty service opens up a variety of style possibilities that are not typically available with their natural hair alone.  When investing in hair extensions, customers not only need to consider the style, color and material but also the amount of work they’re willing to put into its care.  This style require more care than normal hair, but with proper at home care, extensions can last up to three weeks.  


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Customers who receive this salon service are provided with a stylist consultation prior to their service. “We want to make sure that we provide the best service possible and that can only be done when we educate customers and understand their desires,” explains Colwell.  ”Our North Austin beauty school students learn how to perform a proper and thorough consultation and take the time to do so with each customer.”  The consultation with a beauty school stylist from the Bella Beauty College will include a discussion explaining the extensions material options, choosing either real or synthetic extensions, the desired  length and color and a brief education on the method of infusion, to aid in the selection of either bonded or sewn tracks.  While walk-ins are always welcome at Bella Beauty College, procedures like hair extensions tend to be scheduled, as they can take 4-8 hours to complete.  Most extension services at the North Austin salon can be provided within the same day as the consultation, but for clients who want to go home and research their options, or for those who come to the salon later in the day, the actual service can be re-scheduled at a later date. 

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In order to providing hair extensions as a service to salon clients, it is also introduced as a certification course in the beauty school.  “Our course will be extremely comprehensive and once completed, will provide the tools for our students to enable them to infuse hair extensions on their own.”  The certification in the salon will include guest speaker sessions in which expert professionals currently working in the industry will present advanced techniques and share tips of the trade.



About Bella Beauty College:

Bella Beauty College provides beauty salon services to clients at 5 locations in North Austin, Austin South, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Waco. Currently the beauty school provides certificate programs including Hair, Skin and Nails with classes held during the day and even at night to suit the schedules of working students. 



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