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Halloween presents people of all ages with the exciting opportunity to dress up in fun and outrageous costumes and don daring fashions that they would never think of wearing at any other time. What has traditionally been a day for kids and candy, this seasonal celebration has evolved to allow adults to release their inner ghoul, super hero, and fantasy character for the rest of the world to see. The holiday keeps stylists at Bella Beauty College, a leading beauty school in North Austin busy applying everything from fake eyelashes to makeup to styling hair for that memorable costume. Halloween is now as much a time for adults to let their hair down and enjoy and Bella Beauty College keeps it affordable with Halloween makeup application priced at only $10 and/or eyelash application for just $10 as well.


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According to student stylists at this top beauty school in North Austin, false eyelashes are one of the top fashion additions for customers during Halloween, but they are also gaining popularity again as an accessory for many special nights. With the advent of new better lashes and super strong adhesives to keep them in place, this accessory from the sixties is making a big comeback. To help those newly initiated to this accessory, North Austin Bella Beauty College is offering some basic tips to clients so they can get the most out of their faux lashes.  False eyelashes can be purchased for around $2 from a number of places such as beauty and costume shops or drug stores. However, extra-long lashes are perfect for that elegant look while false eyelashes of practically any color can be used to accentuate costume designs. Other popular selections are feathered and jeweled lashes, which themselves can become the centerpiece of a costume.


Special eyelash adhesive is required to apply any false eyelashes. Although adhesives come in various types, Bella Beauty College, one of the longest established beauty schools in North Austin, recommends purchasing black adhesives. These are preferred over clear or white adhesives, which can leave unsightly bulges that detract from otherwise stunning lashes. Eye shadow should also be applied before gluing on the eyelashes. In addition, the perfect false eyelash application can be accomplished by using black eyeliner on the eyelid exactly where the wearer wants the lashes to rest. This makes it easy to apply the glue without a mess.  Those less daring, but who still want false eyelashes of various styles applied professionally can contact Bella Beauty College of North Austin.



About Bella Beauty College:

This North Austin beauty school operates as a cosmetology training institute and beauty salon.  Bella Beauty College has been providing classes for cosmetologists, estheticians and nail technicians for over 30 years. Both English and Spanish classes are also held at night in order to help working students. In addition to teaching and providing hair, skin and nail services, the college also provides stylist instructor training.  All students are overseen by licensed instructors who provide guidance and support for students performing the salon services. With a total of five locations, Bella Beauty Colleges can be found in North Austin, South Austin, Corpus Christi, Waco and San Antonio.




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